During the makeover I had to source a lot of parts. This is the list of suppliers:

  • De Hobbyist (
    Specialist for classic BMW parts. Used them for all kind of small parts: O-rings, fork seals, tubing etc.
  • JV Motors (
    Classic bike parts and custom parts. Bought a nice classic chrome 7 inch headlight and a front mudguard.
  • Ebay (
    Doesn’t need much introduction. K&N filters came through Ebay for instance.
  • Banggood (
    Like Ebay, but much cheaper. Bought a number of isolation mounts for the battery for small change
  • Classic Bike Shop (
    Lots of classic stuff, mostly British bike oriented. Bought a beautiful set of Lucas style blinkers and a taillight here. Shopping in Britain is fun again after the pound sterling took a plunge….
  • De Olie Concurrent (
    Any kind of oil/fluids. Pretty cheap, brand products.
  • Winparts (
    All kinds of parts. Bought spark plugs and petrol filter there.
  • Rustbuster (
    Welding supplies
  • RVS Paleis (
    Translated this is the Stainless Steel Palace. That describes it pretty well, all kinds of bolts, nuts, rings in either A2 or A4 quality. I used mostly A2, which is good enough for non-marine applications.
  • Conrad (
    Pretty well known for all kind of technical stuff, toys, electronics etc. Website is useless, you’ll never find what you are looking for, but Google gets you there with problems.
  • TE-TaxiTeile (
    Mostly Mercedes parts. Useful however for cleaning stuff, tools etc.
  • Motorworks (
    Use this mostly for filters, brake pads etc. BMW specialists.