Front end and cooling pre-assembly

Since I finished and/or cleaned a lot of parts and got several new parts I decided to do some pre-assembly. It is just for fitting, as some parts still need to be sprayed or otherwise modified, but it is a useful exercise to see if everything is working out as I had in mind.

So, I put the frame back on the bike and refitted the fork legs first together with the new lamp ears that just arrived and the headlight that I had sitting around for some time.

Note that the fork legs have an unusual diameter of 41.7 mm which makes finding fitting lamp ears difficult as most are aimed at 35, 38 or 41 mm. I bought nice classic aluminum ones of 41 mm diameter and spend half an hour dremeling (is that a verb?) to make these fit over the 41.7 legs. Not a big deal.

I also refitted the instruments in order to see at what height the headlight should be. Since I dropped the front end 20 mm I had to slightly modify the plastic dash cover to make it fit.

Lowered the front 20mm
Dash cover fits

I also wanted to fit the blinkers, but I spend some time on the net to decide if I should put them on the same height as the headlight pivot, or below. Results were very inconclusive: Most BMW had them below the center of the headlight, but not always, Kawasaki in the seventies and eighties put them actually in the pivot bolt, so pretty forward. Honda has had them everywhere. Since fitting them on the lamp-ears is pretty straightforward I decided to do that. Just needed to drill two 11 mm holes to attach them. I think it looks pretty classic…. (I know they’re not quite level, just pre-assembly)

New headlight and blinkers

Finally I put the radiator and fan back into place and the fuel pressure valve in order to get a better idea of how much room I have actually left on top of the engine. I need to fit a new coolant reservoir there. Turns out there is quite a lot of space with the old airbox gone.

Radiator back in place (minus hoses)
Lots of space. Plastic container will be turned into coolant reservoir

Finally a closeup of the new coolant reservoir, ie. the reservoir to be. It is actually a fuel tank for RC aerobatic aircraft which I bought at Conrad. Nice thing is that it is fuel resistant, has vent hose connections and the main connection has a brass end piece on the end of the hose so it will always be in the fluid. I’m going to make a steel casing for it and mount it using some of the threaded holes which are left over from the original airbox.

In the steel case I will make some slits on the side so I can see the actual coolant level. Might even spray it in color….

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