Radiator and fan assembly

Over the last weeks I have been quite busy with the dismantling and cleaning of parts I want to re-use. One of the things I finished is the radiator and the fan. After disassembly I spent a lot of time cleaning the radiator. I first simply washed it, then used compressed air from the back to blow out most road dirt and debris.

Although I thought I got most out, each time I handled the radiator more little pieces of gravel kept coming out of it. I spent a few hours to dislodge the larger parts with a toothpick, used compressed air again, and concluded that more was still coming. I repeated the process several times and then called it clean.

I degreased the whole thing with industrial degreaser and then put on a coat of 2k wash primer followed by a number of coats of 2 component high gloss black paint.

The fan assembly I just thoroughly cleaned and used Valma Plastishine to make it look like new. See below for the end result after putting the thermostat back in and  refitting the fan.



With regard to spray painting it is good to know that 2 component paint is now available in rattle cans in any RAL or car color from Spraymax. They use a clever system where you mix the components in the can just before painting. After mixing the shelf life is very limited, according to Spraymax just 8 hours. If you put the mixed can in the fridge it is safe to say you can double that. See below for a picture how these cans work.


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